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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by SBN-Support, May 15, 2008.

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    Page 6, item 12 Apply Relay Recipients

    As I mentioned in my first post post. I'm an old guy just moving to Linux. But, I'm a windows network administrator and have been for many years.

    I want to use this functionality so that only users with mail boxes in my domain would have mail relayed to my exchange server.

    When I run the /usr/bin/ file. It only picks up the last user in my AD. I guess I could manually fill the file in and manually maintain it. But it would just be too cool to have it automated.

    Once again any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,
  2. Rocky

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    Hey Roger,What version of exchange are you running? Also, make sure to read the instructions for the script thoroughly because any least mistake will cause problems.Rocky
  3. SBN-Support

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    Hi again Rocky. I found the solution. I used the alternate method described in the file to provide credentials:

    $hqbase="dc=example,dc=com" and "user\"

    Worked like a charm.

    Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to tweaking this thing in and testing.


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