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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ppoetsma, Aug 8, 2010.

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    I want to forward blocked emails to a specific email address. The GUI offers the "Forward spam to email", "Forward banned to email", etc options for that. But when I configure it I do not see any change when I send a test spam message. Currently I have a single email address that is not protected by the spamfilter. In all four policy attributes I enter that email address (incl domain). Even after waiting for days, nothing happened?

    In the forum I found several posts about this subject but I never got one working. And they all refer to adjusting amavisd.conf but why should I if the ISPConfig3 GUI offers me to make the change.

    How is this supposed to work? In which config file is this setting stored so I can check the ISPConfig and actual (amavisd?) configuration? My goal is to never let blocked emails disappear, I want them to end up somewhere.

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    In no file. amavisd is reading the information out of the database. Please see amavisd-new manual and there the sql setup part for details on how this work. ISPConfig uses the defaul amavisd sql table layout as descrobed in the amavisd configuration.

    If you like to see in detail what amavisd is doing with a email, you can e.g. turn on debugging in amavisd conf file.
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    Aha, I will have a look.


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