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    How to say this, I am sure there are a few of these on the net somewhere, but. Anyway, this is what I was wondering about:

    Internet --> spam-box ---> firewall ---> e-mail server1 + 99 users
    ............................|---> backup e-mail server2 + 1 user (all-mails)

    The internet sends in mails on port 25, 465 and 587 to the spam-box.

    The spam-box, scan the mail for virus and spam and then send it off to 2 email server (I will use iRedmail for these servers), this box will have the option to enable/disable sending a bounce message. Also it will have a list of all the domains the 2 email servers will support, so as to block any reply and only allows email that is destine for those domains. Can we use black list databases from, then have a check list of 106 known blacklists list.

    E-mail server1 – This is the main email server, it will have all the domains & alias, all the users for that domain plus admin and an extra user (unknown-user) for catch-them-all emails (per domain). This server also deals with attachments from a list of files type to not send to users, the attach file is remove from the email (a message is put at the bottom of that email stating that the file was removed) and sent to a special user (attach-remove). This server sends emails directly to the outside world via the Internet.

    E-mail server2 – This is the email backup server, it has all the domains with only 1 user (all-mails a catch-them-all account) per domain. It would be nice to have it collect all out going emails as well. With this server I can log in to webmail (round cube) and look for an email that was deleted out of a user outlook client and forward it back to them.

    Sending email from server2 is done via email server1, as in email server2 cannot send email to the internet it can only send emails to server1 or maybe send to the internet via server1 with an account that has SSL.

    Now a few question:
    1) What is the best software for these items?

    I have seen stuff on: postfix, send-mail, ASSP, AmaViS, Clam-AV, AVG, Spam-Assassin, mail-guard and a few others but which is best, for spam and AV, can we use more than one software, eg like scan the mail with 2 different spam filter & AV.

    2) Can the Spam-Box keep a copy of all the spam that it blocks and mark? so that we can log into the box and check to see if any mark as spam can be unmark and unlisted.

    3) Can we have a software that do stats on all the emails that hits the spam-box and can output to a file, like excel, pdf. it should all so shows stats on ip/domains/from/to/blocklisted/spam/non-spam/size/attachments/ssl/none-ssl and total.
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