Spamassassin (with amavis, virtual users) on Ubuntu

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    New here at HowtoForge.
    I'm in love with the tutorials and want to say thanks so much to the community. I wouldn't understand as much as I do without you guys.

    I've followed this guide and I had a question about whitelisting domains with spamassassin.

    With this configuration, will spamassassin still poll the cf files (like for configuration definitions?
    I used to run a box without amavisd, and I'm not quite familiar with how it invokes spamd. Could someone explain this or link to an article? If I can't whitelist from, where would I whitelist?

    After writing this, I realized I could probably whitelist from amavisd :rolleyes:.. Would a whitelist from amavisd stop it from piping mail to spamasssin, and just deliver?

    Thanks guys!
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    Amavis is where you can whitelist mail addresses. Any address whitelisted in Amavis will bypass all spam checks in spamassassin. It will not, however, bypass any anti-virus or banned attachment blocking (by default).

    If you look at the headers of a whitelisted email then you'll see that it reports [WHITELISTED] as the spam level.

    EDIT - Sorry, forgot to mention. Whitelisting in spamassassin will still work as is still called by amavis. If you're using the amavis SQL tables you can define whitelists based on recipient policies rather than a global whitelisting
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