spamassassin use the same sql prefs database

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by gigizmo, May 17, 2010.

  1. gigizmo

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    i have a consolidated and functioning system with the spam user preferencies saved in mysql server. i have used a modified query and i have a lot of preferencies saved, for username field I have:
    Username: $GLOBAL intercept all email for all domains configured;
    Username: intercept all email for this domain;
    Username: [email protected] intercept all email for this user;
    I have followed this link:

    Now, i have installed ispconfig3 ( ubuntu 10.4 tls )with roundcube for webmail. i have find a plugin for sql database prefs and if i use it, it the correct preferencies for the single user going in the mysql database.
    I have see, when i log in to ispconfig3, with a client login, insert withe anc blk lists preferencies for the entire domain.

    My question:
    - is possible and how, use a single database for spamassassin prefs in mysql utilizzable for ispconfig3 ? if is possible, there is a control panel similar webuserprefs,( for administer the spam preferencies utilizzable for customer client login ?

    My target:
    - use a single spamassassin only on the ispconfig3 machine, but with the spamassassin preferencies compatible with my current system.
    - permit a client to insert is own spam preferencies for domain or domains that administer;
    - permit a single user to insert is preferencies for spamassassin from webmail or from a control panel ( in this case with roundcube and sql pligin im ok, but spamassassin installed for ispconfig3 use it ? )

    thx in adv,

  2. gigizmo

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    Ok, i have find why is not possible to do what i want.

  3. damir

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    It's always nice to write how you have solved the problem so other people can learn from it :)
  4. gigizmo

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    Hallo Damir,

    Sorry, but for me, There is no solution is this case. Im in search to a method to use spamassassin for users preferencies, but amavis-new is not able to function in this mode with a db used for spamassassin in my old configuration.

    I have read documentation for amavis and it is not compatible with sql spamassassin preferencies.


  5. damir

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    Sorry, i thought you found a solution :) To much coffee for me today.

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