spamassassin stop working after woody to sarge update

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by shark_tico, Oct 18, 2006.

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    We have a server that was installed with woody and has postfix +
    amavis-new + spamassasin + clamav

    Everything worked good until postfix got update with sarge packages with apt-get update and after apt-upgrade, when this happened the server stoped working at all.

    After a lot of tries and several changes at config files, we decided to make
    apt-get dist -upgrade, but with this didn't work, after more changes
    postfix began to work, the problem is that the mails aren't marked as SPAM anymore, before the update okeverything was working fine, clamav is working fine

    Current Versions (dpkg -l ):
    postfix 2.1.5-9 A high-performance mail transport agent
    amavisd-new 20030616p10-5 Interface between MTA and virus
    spamassassin 3.0.3-2sarge1 Perl-based spam filter using text analysis
    clamav 0.84-2.sarge.9 antivirus scanner for Unix

    Config file amavis-new:

    # @bypass_spam_checks_acl = qw( . ); # uncomment to DISABLE anti-spam code
    $final_spam_destiny = D_PASS;
    $spam_quarantine_to = 'spam-quarantine';
    $remove_existing_spam_headers = 1;
    $sa_tag_level_deflt = 4.0; # add spam info headers if at, or above that
    $sa_tag2_level_deflt = 6.3; # add 'spam detected' headers at that level
    $sa_kill_level_deflt = $sa_tag2_level_deflt; # triggers spam evasive
    $sa_spam_subject_tag = '***SPAM*** '; # (defaults to undef, disables)
    $sa_spam_modifies_subj = 1; # may be a ref to a lookup table, default is

    At the log (/var/log/

    Sep 20 11:11:39 SERVER amavis[4347]: (04347-04) spam_scan: hits=0.528
    Sep 20 11:11:41 SERVER amavis[4489]: (04489-01) spam_scan: hits=4.111
    Sep 20 11:11:45 SERVER amavis[4489]: (04489-02) spam_scan: hits=0.124
    Sep 20 11:11:49 SERVER amavis[4347]: (04347-05) spam_scan: hits=3.273
    Sep 20 11:11:51 SERVER amavis[4347]: (04347-06) spam_scan: hits=0.416
    Sep 20 11:11:52 SERVER amavis[4347]: (04347-07) spam_scan: not wasting time on SA,
    message longer than 65536 bytes: 869+71699
    Sep 20 11:11:52 SERVER amavis[4347]: (04347-07) spam_scan: hits=
    Sep 20 11:11:57 SERVER amavis[4489]: (04489-03) spam_scan: hits=0.366
    Sep 20 11:12:05 SERVER amavis[4489]: (04489-04) spam_scan: not wasting time on SA,
    message longer than 65536 bytes: 767+610818
    Sep 20 11:12:05 SERVER amavis[4489]: (04489-04) spam_scan: hits=
    Sep 20 11:12:06 SERVER amavis[4347]: (04347-08) spam_scan: hits=0.695 tests=AWL,

    Email header's:
    Received: from localhost (localhost []) by server (Postfix)
    with ESMTP id 111FC349A8C; Wed, 20 Sep 2006 11:06:17 -0600 (CST)
    Received: from server ([]) by localhost (server [])
    (amavisd-new, port 10024)
    X-Virus-Scanned: by amavisd-new-20030616-p10 (Debian) at servidor

    In some mails appear:
    X-Spam: Not Detected.

    Thanks in advance for any help, that will be apreciated.
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I guess that some of the amavisd directives for SpamAssassin are still for SpamAssassin v2. You can try to replace them with something like this (taken from ):

    $sa_local_tests_only = 0;   # (default: false)
    #$sa_auto_whitelist = 1;    # turn on AWL (default: false)
    # Timout for SpamAssassin. This is only used if spamassassin does NOT
    # override it (which it often does if sa_local_tests_only is not true)
    $sa_timeout = 30;           # timeout in seconds for a call to SpamAssassin
                                # (default is 30 seconds, undef disables it)
    # AWL (auto whitelisting), requires spamassassin 2.44 or better
    # $sa_auto_whitelist = 1;   # defaults to undef
    $sa_mail_body_size_limit = 150*1024;
    $sa_tag_level_deflt  = 3.0; # add spam info headers if at, or above that level
    $sa_tag2_level_deflt = 4.0; # add 'spam detected' headers at that level
    $sa_kill_level_deflt = $sa_tag2_level_deflt;
    $sa_dsn_cutoff_level = 10;
    $sa_spam_subject_tag = '***SPAM*** ';

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