Spamassassin does'nt seem to use Bayes?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by WhitcombeRD, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Im running Ispconfig 3.1 stable on Debian Stretch. This was an in-house update from Jessie and older version.

    The problem ive got since the upgrade is a large increase in the amount of spam getting through. Looking into the headers and it seems to me Spam Assassin has stopped using Bayes. Im not seeing Bayes scores appearing in any header of any mail, even ones marked as spam, likely spam or ham.
    The database has more than enough tokens in to work as far as i can tell and my config options look OK.

    Some log snippets.

    From /etc/spamassassin/

    dump-magic output to show the DB from user root as --username amavis
    Spam assassin itself seems to work as per the policies but im not seeing Bayes being applied anywhere. Also auto-learn and so on always default to no.
    Example mail headers:-
    I havent played with user groups or permissions- its pretty much a standard ispconfig 3.0 jessie install upgraded to stretch and ispconfig 3.1. Installation via the "perfect server" tutorials.
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    spamassasin is invoked by amavis,
    so please try:
    $su amavis
    $sa-learn -D --username=amavis --dump magic
    ( note the -D )
    should work or tell you why it's not working :)

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