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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by lino, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. lino

    lino New Member

    I'm using ispconfig since 10 monthes with great satisfation but today I noticed something strange about spamassassin

    The user of a mail account in my server said he received too spam on the account so I checked the configuration and spamfilter is active with Non-paying policy (Non-paying policy configuration hasn't been modified after ispconfig installation).

    Effectively if i try spamassassin with

    spamassassin < mail_received_file

    the output signals spam inside the mail with 6 score but in mail log and in the mail received there aren't X-Spam head despite the presence of amavis call in the Recived header.

    I tried to update spamassassin with the statement

    sa-update --destdir /etc/spamassassin and restarting the service

    Could someone suggest me something useful to test spamassassin work?
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Any errors in your mail log?

    Also, I suggest you restart amavisd and take a look at its startup output in the mail log file.
  3. lino

    lino New Member

    Thank you for reply...

    I tried to restart amavis service and I didn't notice errors. No line was written in mail.err and no error messa apeared in mail.log and mail.info.

    In particular, I saw these line in the log files:

    Aug 20 14:39:18 mycompany-vm01 amavis[22730]: ANTI-SPAM code loaded
    Aug 20 14:39:18 mycompany-vm01 amavis[22730]: ANTI-SPAM-EXT code NOT loaded
    Aug 20 14:39:18 mycompany-vm01 amavis[22730]: ANTI-SPAM-C code NOT loaded
    Aug 20 14:39:18 mycompany-vm01 amavis[22730]: ANTI-SPAM-SA code loaded

    So antispam seem to start correctly but the not-loading of some modules. I thought perhapss they were extensions for amavis.

    If you want I can post the entire output of the restarting of amavis.

    Question: when an amavis record in mail.log shows Hits: - without a score, what does it mean? does it signal a malfunction in amavis?

    Generally, I saw a score showed in that place of te logs....

    Another question: recently the server was phisically moved from a data center to another and it caused the change of the IP address of the virtual machine but everything seemd to go fine...
    However a customer begun to signal spam problems since that period. could exist a connection between these events ??

    Thanks in advance

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