Spamassassin Bayes not being used?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by WhitcombeRD, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. WhitcombeRD

    WhitcombeRD New Member

    Ive just installed a fresh Buster/ISPConfig 3.1.14 and its all working but ive got a query about Spam Assassin.
    Ive turned out header tagging on mails and it would appear Bayes and autolearn does not appear to be used or on.
    An example header:-
    A few other spams show the same, no mention of Bayes or autolearn.

    Doing more checking for the Bayes DB itself:-
    The same with --username=amavis returns no output at all.
    The spamassassin conf file itself is entirely commented out so i assume its being parsed by ISPConfig in some other way.

    So what am i missing here? How do i get SA to start using Bayes and if needed, manually train it?
  2. WhitcombeRD

    WhitcombeRD New Member

    Just notice ive posted this in linux not ispconfig forum and cant seem to move it.
    Any chance a moderator can move this post to the correct place?
  3. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    When you run spamassassin via sudo like that, it runs as the root user, which by default will use a bayes database owned by root - when mail is delivered via smtp, the spam scanning is done in the amavis daemon, as the amavis user, and it will use a different bayes database for that user.

    Neither sudo nor spamassassin accept a --username arg, so you should be getting an error there, then piping it to your egrep command which doesn't match anything, hence no output.

    There are many config files, though /etc/spamassassin/ is the typical local configuration. If everything is commented, it's using either default settings, or settings configured in other files. You get a "working" spamassassin setup by following the Perfect Server install guides, but there is certainly a lot more local configuration you can do to improve it, see the various files under /etc/spamassassin/; eg. you need to enable some plugins in .pre files, some of which need a little configuration or setup, and there are many configuration settings you can and often should use (start with installing a local caching nameserver for spamassassin to use, and configuring trusted_networks). Search for general spamassassin info for more.

    To use bayes you must have trained the bayes database with a minimum of 200 spam and 200 ham messages. Do not just enable autolearning and let it learn what it will, or you will be in a bad way very soon, with bayes frequently fighting against you (classifying mail poorly). If you have a very well configured system, where all the non-bayes pieces are doing a very good/accurate job of classifying mail, autolearning can be useful; but just out of the box I think it usually does more harm than good, so setup a way to train it manually.

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