SpamAssassin and Postfix Not Communicating Among Each Other

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kumarudai, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Dear All
    For sometime now I've been contemplating moving from my commercial software AntiSPAM filter to SpamAssassin. I've been working with Linux and FreeBSD for a couple of years, but I am totally new to SpamAssassin and Perl.

    I followed the instructions from this link to install on a Testbed RHEL 6.4 machine. Although the SpamAssassin installation was not quite smooth, I referred a couple of other documentation and figured out some Perl Modules are required and I installed them, they are listed below FYI.

    cpan>install Time::HiRes
    cpan>install NetAddr::IP
    cpan>install Archive::Tar
    cpan>install IO::Zlib
    cpan>install Mail::SPF
    cpan>install IP::Country
    cpan>install Razor2
    cpan>install Net::Ident
    cpan>install IO::Socket::INET6
    cpan>install IO::Socket::SSL
    cpan>install Compress::Zlib
    cpan>install Mail::DKIM
    cpan>install LWP::UserAgent
    cpan>install HTTP::Date module
    cpan>install Encode::Detect
    cpan>install Net::CIDR
    cpan>install Archive::Zip

    Now when I start "service MailScanner start", it starts smoothly without any errors, when I look at /var/log/maillog, I can see Postfix starting and MailScanner connecting to SpamAssassin. Frankly I haven't completely understood the way they work in tandem, but I think all incoming Emails are checked by Postfix and moved to "/var/spool/postfix/hold" through a statement "/^Received:/ HOLD" in "/etc/postfix/header_checks" and SpamAssassin picks it up from there through a statement "Incoming Queue Dir = /var/spool/postfix/hold" in /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf.

    However it appears to me that SpamAssassin is not picking up Emails from there because when I enable the "/^Received:/ HOLD" statement, all new Emails are getting delivered to "/var/spool/postfix/hold" and they remain there and nothing happens. Its only when I uncomment that statement, new Emails starts getting delivered to the Exchange Server upstream. I am assuming SpamAssassin is not coming in play at all here and Postfix is the only thing that's working. The ones that are there in the "/var/spool/postfix/hold" continues to remain there even after the "/^Received:/ HOLD" statement is uncommented.

    Where do you think I am going wrong? Any help is welcome please.


  2. Mark_NL

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    Spamassassin (SA) is just a bunch of perl files which can be used in a few ways.

    1. Daemon / Client combination (spamd / spamc)
    2. One shot command (spamassassin)
    3. Use SA's perl libs to include in your code (embed SA's functionality in your software, like amavis does)

    I read you run Mailscanner. Although that's a nice bundle of software/scripts put together, you're missing the whole inner works thus keeping SA/amavis a black box for you.

    What I always use is Postfix -> Amavis(->SA)

    I let postfix talk to amavis, and let amavis talk to SA. It's a breeze..

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