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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by stef157, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. stef157

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    Hi all,
    Actually we have a really bad score on…
    Cause the Unknown Users is HIGH.
    An idea how to see from where that come ?

    We are currently running postfix.

    Thanks for all !
  2. srijan

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    'Unknown User Rate'' is a ratio of unknown users, or invalid email addresses, compared to the amount of email seen by our receiving sources. An 'unknown user' or 'no such user' or 'invalid address' is usually a '550 5.1.1' error message that will appear in your smtp logs however, not all ISPs use the '5.1.1' extended reply code, and not all '550' replies refer to unknown users. It is often necessary to review the text accompanying that SMTP reply to be certain of its meaning.
    To avoid this I will recommend follow the link

    You can also check your mail logs with specific patterns of deleivered/read/unread mails

  3. stef157

    stef157 Member

    Thanks for your message.

    But your link explain how to send a mailing and some tips.

    There is no information about the Unknown User Rate.

    Do you have an idea about how to catch the sender of this Unknown User in the log ?
  4. Acceos

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    Go through your maillog(/var/log/mail*) and look for deffered mails.

    You can get back to us with a few of them, so we can check it out.

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