Spam Stress Test ???

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mnewbegin, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. mnewbegin

    mnewbegin New Member

    is there a resource out there that is a

    spam stress test to temporarily spam my server to see if my spam assassin and virus protection is working.???

    I just want to make sure my newly installed system is locked down
  2. giganet

    giganet New Member

    You could setup a temp email account on your server, then publish that email address as a clickable email link...

    If your site is not obscured to badly you will notice spam begin to poor into the new email account after 24-72 hours.

  3. mnewbegin

    mnewbegin New Member

    I might

    I might, I was afraid that i wouldnt be able to stop the spam if it started.
  4. giganet

    giganet New Member

    You stop the spam by deleting the Spame-test email account from your server and then removing the clickable link from your web-site.


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