Spam scores in headers gone?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kirkharris, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. kirkharris

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    I have noticed i have no X-Spam scores in my headers anymore and i'm really not sure where to start with it.

    System is Ubuntu Server.

    Sorry i havent provided much information, ive been poking around and dont see anything wrong and was hoping one of the experts could give me some insight on it.

    Some spam is still getting tagged and delivered into the Junk folder though.

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  2. Mark_NL

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    In ISPConfig go to:

    Email -> Spamfilter->Policy -> Choose your Policy -> Tab: Tag Level

    set "SPAM tag level" to "-1000" .. now all your mail will be tagged with the spam scores.
  3. andresgt2000

    andresgt2000 Member

    That is exactly that I wanted to ask.

    Because in the manual says this:

    "SPAM tag level: The system will add spam info headers to the email if at, or above that level. Should be a value > 0; for ISPConfig's Normal spam level, the score is 3. Decimal numbers such as 2.4 are allowed."

    I was not sure if the policy tag could have negative values; beacuse I searched about this theme and I find an articule that says that "for recover the spam tags I had to change the $sa_tag_level_deflt to -9999 of the file 50-user of amavis config files."
    I want know if this change going to give me a wrong behavior for spam positive identification?
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