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  1. spaceuser

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    I receive a lot of SPAM mail addressed to my domain. I have set rules for which email usernames that I will accept to be before the @mydomain.tld in the forwardings table in MYSQL database, I know that if I would like to have a 'catch-all' I have to set @mydomain.tld in the source field, but I haven't because I have set only [email protected] and [email protected].

    How come? I would appreciate any comment on this behaviour.

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  2. falko

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    Can you post an excerpt from your mail log?
  3. spaceuser

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    See attachment file, my mail.log file excerpt.
    I have replaced my domain name with mydomain.xx and my isp with myisp in this thread... to keep new spammers out ;)

    Here is an sample of a mailheader seen in Squirrelmail that I shouldn't have received. It can be found in mail.log also at Jun 20 00:20:02.
    My database tables looks like below,

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  4. falko

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    The mail was first sent to [email protected] and then to [email protected], but I can't find any reference to these addresses in the log... Also, there are lots of other mail servers involved in the email header, and I see that you fetch the mails with fetchmail from some other server, so I guess that another server in the chain delivered the mail to [email protected] before you fetched it with fetchmail.
  5. spaceuser

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    There is a reference to the supplied sample header in the mail.log file. Look for it at Jun 20 00:20:02 and the sender name, [email protected]. As can be seen in the mail info in squirrelmail,
    When expanding the mailheader in Squirrelmail, the [email protected] sender shows up,
    Extact from attachment,
    To clarify... yes I have a POP3 account (gustavsson_5) at my ISP from which I download all mail each 10 min using fetchmail. Before that my domain name uses DNS services at, which CATCH-ALL all mail sent to my domain, and then sent to the POP3 account. The reason for this is because I have a dynamic IP address on my gateway/router.

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  6. falko

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    This is the explanantion. You have a catch-all account from which you fetch emails with fetchmail. That's why you receive emails for addresses that are not in your forward table.
  7. spaceuser

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    I find it very strange that you say this. Why do I then have to set the forwardings table at the first place. According to the article, will do a Catch-All, which I don't in my forwardings table. I have set a specific rule of names before @mydomain.xx, that is allowed. I find setting forwardings table to be a sort of filtering my incoming emails. As far as I understand, it then should throw all other mail emails away if it don't match that "rule". If it's like you say, there is no need for the forwardings table in database. I now assume that fetchmail will just forward emails to the MTA, exactly the same way as if emails would be "received" to the MTA "normally". Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

    My POP3 account only contains emails sent to my domain name, and also emails using the account alias name ([email protected]), which I never use in public. I only use my first name, or my firstname.lastname before @ character. Then above that, SPAMMERs creates customized or invented funny names before @mydomain.xx, which I thought would be filtered with this setup.

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