Spam Protection - Beginners Guide?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by medienlounge, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    first thanks for the great Perfect Server Ispconfig 3 debian lenny tutorial.

    Everything is fine and running.

    The only question for me right now is - my old server was managed and so i had nothing to do. the new one with that tutorial runs even better.
    But what is i little strange for me is the fact, that so many spam mails are tried to be send over the server.

    a few lines from mail.log:

    so the question for me is:
    is there a way to check before agains blacklists and block that mails before?

    if it´s already integrated in ispconfig - what is an "best practice configuration".

    i had a look at this tread:

    but it would be nice to get a little feedback, perhaps more people have problems with that topic and it could be helpful for more people?

    if there is and how-to which i didn´t find, please post links.

    thanks all
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  3. medienlounge

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    thanks for that reply.

    the link looks good.
    do i understand it right that all customers on the server need in there dns record that SPF record?

    for example my server is


    customer.tld, customer2.tld

    i have to add this record to all dns records?

    does anyone know if hetzner robot system supports SPF?


    (i hoped this would get a vivid thread with user users with the same problems - seems like i´m the only :confused: )
  4. falko

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    You don't have to, but I recommend it.

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