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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by archbird, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I have ISPConfig 3 installed on Ubuntu and I followed the perfect server guide when I installed it. The spam filters works good and all as it should be when the spam is in English. However I have swedish domains and I get tons of spam mails written in swedish, and they don't get filtered by the spam filter.

    English spam get filtered, swedish spam doesnt.

    How can I solve this? I assume I have to find some kind of spam filter database in swedish and add it to my configuration? Or is it done in another way? Where can I find such a list and how do I add it to my configuration?
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    Spamassassin should work in every language and it also learns new languages automatically, but there are also extended rulesets for other languages available. The configuration of additional spam functions and external databases like pyzor or razor are explained in the spamassassin wiki:

    Please dont forget to restart amavisd after you changed the spamassassin settings.

    Which spam score does the messages get that come trough? Maybe you can just lower the spam score in the spamfilter policy. I use on my servers e.g. spam tag score to of 3.501 to prevent english and german spam.

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