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Discussion in 'General' started by chrisp8756, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. chrisp8756

    chrisp8756 New Member

    Newbie checking in, I have Ispconfig version 2.27. I have enabled mailscan, spamfilter, anti virus. When I go into the control panel and try to add a domain example * and save it, it doesn't work. Email comes right through, I'm really new @ linux. I know I'm running fedora core 5, postfix, fetchmail & Ispconfig. I can send and recieve no problem just having issues trying to get the spam filter up and running.. Please help:confused: , thanks in advance!
  2. falko

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    You cannot use wildcards such as * in ISPConfig.
  3. chrisp8756

    chrisp8756 New Member

    Still have no luck

    Okay that is good to know, but even if I try and block an email account direct like [email protected] it still allows the email to come through.

    I did a little research last night and discovered that spamd will not stay running. Could this be part of the problem as to why I cannot block any thing? I enjoy using Squirrel mail and when I go into spam assassassin and try to block an email address it will only allow me to block one address and even then it still allows the email to be received. Any ideas? :confused:
  4. chrisp8756

    chrisp8756 New Member

    :) I figured it out!!! Turns out that by running spam -D told me that I didn't have perl installed on my server. I thought I installed perl when I setup the server but I guess not. Any how installing perl resolved the issue and my spam filter is now working correctly.

    Hope this helps any one else who runs accross this problem:D

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