Somethings gone wrong, adding DNS zones not working as inteended

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by raysv, Aug 27, 2012.

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    My setup: two dns servers, 1 was mirrored of the other.

    After something got screwed up, and the job-queue was hanging decided to delete the server from ispconfig, and reinstall ispconfig on it.

    The good news, my job queue is now working again, but none of the records in ispconfig have a "Server" anymore (Its just blank), and when i try to edit the record the "Server" is just greyed out and i can't not choose a NS server.

    If i go into the DB and change the server_id to 4 (was the old id of the former DNS server) .. all of the server names gets populated with "NS3" again... but still, if i try to edit i can't change what dns server the zone should be on.

    If i try to add a new server, i can choose between my two NS, but when i try to edit the new zone.. the Server is greyed out again.

    Can anyone give me a hint of how to fix this? i'm running out of ideas :(
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    Deleting this record was not a good idea as this invalidated all records that were created in ISPConfig for that server. You should restore a backup od the ispconfig database from a date before you deleted the server.

    The server of a dns records cant be changed after the record has been created, thats why the field is greyed out.

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