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    Something interrupting scripts, apache?

    I have a problem with my CentOS installation (set up by the perfect server centos 5.3 tutorial), probably apache related.

    Something kept breaking my ffmpeg encoding processes so someone recommended me to try sleep() function with a timer and see if it returns constant results.

    When using small values like 120 it works fine. The timer returns that the page took 120 seconds to load. But when I use larger numbers like 360, 400 etc .. something strange starts to happen.

    For instance sleep(400) can return me:

    Pass 1: 310.8976
    Pass 2: 371.723
    Pass 3: 400.074
    Pass 4: 368.934
    Pass 5: 374.711

    - and then again, I can get constant 400 for 5 runs in a row. When using two browser tabs with the timer at the same time the process seems to sometimes break at the same moment for both tabs.

    Same script in a different server works normally every time no matter how long sleep times do I set.

    What could keep breaking this sleeping process?


    Never mind. Had to reinstall apache.
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