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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by hjthal1, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Hello. I'm a brand new user, a twenty-year Windows user with one week of karmic Koala under my belt. I've managed to get almost everything running the way I want, but there's one thing I'm completely stuck on.
    I need to find a way to make Internet Explorer run on my system, and I just don't understand the terminal (I'm not a software guy, I'm an airplane pilot).
    I absolutely need to make IE work, and cannot figure out how to do it. Is there a tutorial somewhere that I can follow without massive programming? I haven't been able to figure out Wine yet, and I still don't understand the programming language, so please be gentle.
    Lancaster, PA USA
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    Thank you. i got IE6 running today. Next, I'll try my graphics program.

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