Some questions concerning ISPconfig3 Cluster Tutorial

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    Hello All,

    I planned to install two new servers to replace our Email/DNS server running on Ubuntu8 with Ispconfig2 with "Installing A Web, Email And MySQL Database Cluster On Debian 5.0 With ISPConfig 3" as explained in the manual for ISPconfig3.
    I used to install ISPconfig on Ubuntu server (with this tutorial: The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu Server) what will you advice? go with Debian5/Debian6 or stay with Ubuntu11 do you know any problem using Ubuntu instead of Debian.

    Furthermore could you someone point me out with the last tutorial to use (the link in the manual is already quite old and the links to the Debian image is not working :

    BTW has someone already used this configuration in production I will be interested by any feedback especially concerning the redundancy success in case of problem with one of the other server.

    Best regards
    Thanks in advance

    Gil Bourgeois

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