Some questions about clustering a slave mail server

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    I have a slave mail server in a multi-server setup and wanted to mirror (cluster) it for redundancy. Going thru the docs about setting about replication for MySQL and mail server using dovecot a thought occurred to me.

    When my users set up a mail client the have a incoming and outgoing mail server set using SSL cert on my mail server (lets say
    If I set up a mail cluster there are 2 IP's now. If I setup an A record for both IP's, which mail server name do my customers put into their mail client? Do I setup a ssl cert with the same name on both servers?


    Will my customers use for incoming and outgoing server and will letsencrypt allow me to have certs on both servers for the same name

    First attempt at clustering so not sure if I'm missing something or not.
  2. till

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    An ssl cert is for a specific domain/subdomain, it does not depend on the IP. So you can use the same SSL cert on more than one server. I can't tell you how lE will react exactly in this case.

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