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  1. i-chat

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    in the perfect server setups and even in the general installation i see some things that can generally go wrong and could require some 'trivial' hacking the system.

    one of the most often asked for feature would probably be a 'real' user quota.

    how its done:
    > install isp config in / (partition), and add userquota to the root-partition.

    how it should have been done.

    > partition the system using 2 partitions. / (for the system, /data /serv or /srv for storing user information.

    in general you could than more easily add qouta to just the hosted data (not affection anything else).

    my proposal would be that one could install a setup like

    / (for system)

    /var for temporary system data (like logs)

    /data (or /serv if you prefer) for hosted data. this could include.

    /data/%username%/.config (with files like php.ini httpd.conf etc.
    /data/%username%/httpdocs (with subfolder foreeach (sub)domain)
    /data/%username%/.sql for any sql db store.
    or /data/%username%/.mail for a mailstorage

    this would not only improve performance on quota's but also greatly simplyfies per user backup.

    what do you think (ergo why is this not done 'yet')
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This will not work as it will cause apache suexec to fail. The suexec directory is compiled into apache. So if you want to have a separate partition for user data, then you will have to use /var or /var/www and /var/vmail. Only For OpenSuSE the directory /srv can be used. A directory /data will not work on any Linux distribution.

    Also your proposed layout is incompatible with ispconfig. In ISPConfig, every website has its own user. The layout required for ispconfig is:


    The layout that ispconfig currently uses has been discussed by the developers before the ispconfig 3 development started and is the result of experiences which were made with ispconfig 2 and several other controlpanels to match the requirtements for hosting campanies.
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  3. i-chat

    i-chat New Member

    iirc - /srv has been part of debian since sarge (way back).

    however i didn't know that suexec could cause problems with this,
    the thing is that in general id have prefered a /home like profile rather than many files everywhere arround.

    if there is (or whould be) a way to get sutch - i would firmly welcome it to any system.
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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    For your layout you would have to write at least new server plugins for ispconfig and might also have to disable some functions in the interface that are not compatible with your setup.

    Another thing that might not work in your layout is to store mysql data in /data/%username%/.sql for any sql db store as this is not supported by mysql as far as I know. Also mysql is not able to switch the run user for every database. So you might have to run a dedicated mysql server for every user or you will have to patch mysql and add some kind of suexec support to it.
  5. i-chat

    i-chat New Member

    ty for your info, this is most interesting stuf,

    (still trying to learn new ideas and comprehention of many parts on linux).

    note that im not trying to be smart - its genuine interest in this project, and what makes stuf the way they are. - i see now that even though i could hack apache to do things this way, i would stil not be able to ever fixing the mysql thing - and running an instance per user offcource is way out of the question for performance sake at least.

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