Some mails between account on same web doesn't delivered

Discussion in 'General' started by SupuS, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Some mails between account on same web doesn't delivered [SOLVED]

    Hi all

    My customer have problem with one email account .. he played a bit with whitelist and now his emails are not delivered to another account on same web and domain. He has five email account but problem is with one of them only. I tryed recreate this account but problem still remains. I created new account with different username and set original username as alias but it didn't help. Strange is that sometimes it works ok and another time not. If not I can found line about mail sending in mail.log but no line about delivery.
    In which log can I search for some usefull informations? Where is mails which he sent? :eek:

    Thanks for any sugestions.

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  2. till

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    If there is no entry about the delivery of the mail to procmail, have a look if the mail is still in the mailqueue with:

    postqueue -p
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    Thank you for replay and I am sorry for wasting your time .. I found the problem .. my customer has bad email adress in his adress book .. if he wrote it by hand it was ok and if he used adress from adress book it was not delivered. It was little L wersus double L problem :D

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