[SOLVED] Server monitoring NOT being updated for a new server

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by KoS, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. KoS

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    I have added a new server to my multi-server setup, but the details in the monitoring tab for this server are NOT being updated (see the screenshot below, the server is running for >12 hours). The server is configured ONLY as mail server and I can successfully add new mailboxes etc... so the server IS connecting to master and the job queue is being normally worked on.

    Where shall I start investigated that issue? in the /var/log/ispconfig files on that server I don't see any issues. May it be related to permission issues for that multiserver user in the DB?

    Kind regards

  2. till

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    and try to login from slave server to master by using the mysql dbmaster login details from ISPCOnfig config.inc.php file.

    Yes, thats the most likely reason.
  3. KoS

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    Dear Till

    Thank you very much.

    I tried connecting to the masters sql server from slave and it worked as expected.

    Afterwards I followed the instructions on the page:
    turned off the cron job, enabled debug mode, execute the server.php manually. the output on the command line was the same as i can see now in the "Show System-Log".
    Should I look for something specific in the log? I don't see any suspicous, nor any warnings or errors. I see that there are two entries "Replicated from master", but no "update" that would be pushed back to the server.

    I have compared all the privileges in MySQL for that specific user on the master server with the user of another slave server (including table & column specific privileges) and couldn't find a difference :-(

    Any idea what to check next?

    Kind regards
  4. KoS

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    I have had enabled back the cron job, but didn't change anything else. Now after a while I see suddenly the following change: upload_2019-9-30_23-30-53.png

    --> looks weird without the whitespace and no details about the OS.
    In the systemlog I only see the "remove lock" entries, but nothing additional from that slave..
  5. KoS

    KoS Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Again, I didn't do ANY change, but now everything seems to works as expected:

    weird :-(

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