[SOLVED] Job queue processed, but not cleared

Discussion in 'General' started by Chasalin, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Chasalin

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    I recently set up a slave server to an existing master. All went well until I created a website on the new server.
    The directory structure, database record and everything get created, but the job stays in the list as 'not processed on all servers'.
    That would be merely an annoyance, but it seems like it is blocking new jobs on that server. (I can however run jobs that do not affect the new server.)
    The cron jobs produce no errors, not even in debug mode.
    I had to manually edit the DB in order to get the new server into debug mode, because that job did not get executed.

    Again, the directory structure for the new site on the new server did get created, so post I've found around here about 'cron is not working' were not helpful...

    Setup: the master server is running Ubuntu 16.04 with the newest ISPConfig. Has been running for over 2 years now.
    The slave is running Ubuntu 18.04
    The htf-common-issues.php script I found on these forums shows nothing weird.
  2. Chasalin

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  3. till

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    Seems as if the mysql users have insufficient permissions. Do an ispconfig update on all servers and ensure that you choose to reconfigure permissions in master database on one of the serevrs during update so that the ispcsrv* users get recreated.
  4. Chasalin

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    I hoped that would be it; When I first created the site, there was an error about the sql user, because it connected with a different hostname than the user was created with. I added a wildcard host for the user, but that did not help. As did the update you suggested.

    I deleted the server, installed it again, edited the ispcsrv user to be allowed from any host and *then* create the site, but alas...
    The data log history entry shows a nice summary, the second server has all the directories created, but in the interface the red ball remains...

    (In case you think: why is there "ispc01" in one screen shot and "ispc" in the other? -> the interface is running at ispc01.mydomain and the site I try to create should be ispc.myotherdomain )

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  5. till

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    Do not edit the ispcsrv user manually, when the user gets created with a wrong host then you missed configuring /etc/hosts on all servers correctly as explained in the multiserver guides. This will cause connection problems between the servers. Fix the /etc/hosts files on all servers of the multiserver system and then run an ispconfig update and let it fix the ispcsrv users.
  6. Chasalin

    Chasalin New Member

    Apparently because of the faulty hostname, something didn't get configured right during install.
    I had a typo in /etc/hosts (which I blindly copy/pasted) and now it works.
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