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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by anark10n, Dec 25, 2020.

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    Hey there, so I just need a small thing cleared up with regards to letsencrypt for my hosting server. Following this tutorial, I created a website record for my server(FQDN) by itself, and the domain name as a separate website. And it works okay, except for an issue where the FTP certificate didn't update as expected, so i had to manually do it each time. I was wondering if this is the correct the way to do it, or whether i should in fact create the FQDN as a subdomain of the domain website record instead.
  2. Th0m

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    You have to add the renewal for FTP to the .sh script you created that is run by incron. The FQDN site should be a separate site, so no need to worry there.
  3. ahrasis

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    The renewal of pure-ftpd.pem which is a symlink to ispserver.pem is already covered by the suggested script in that tutorial.

    The way you described your problem is like your pure-ftpd.pem is not a symlinked file or it is a symlink to ispserver.pem but ispserver.pem is not automatically recreated upon renewal of ispserver.crt and ispserver.key.

    If it is the later, check whether incron is not properly setup and if it is, try restarting incron after being set (service incron restart).

    In any event, please note that following that tutorial is no longer advisable as I am not supporting it or its LE4ISPC script.

    The best way now is to remove all incron and LE4ISPC setup, delete your server LE SSL certs, update or force update to latest ISPConfig 3.2 and secure your server and its services during that update process.
  4. anark10n

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    Edit: never mind, it turns out i had to use the FQDN url, and not just the domain url and that works fine.

    Thanks for assistance, but i'm having trouble securing the ispconfig control panel with the new let's encrypt client, and running an update doesn't seem to solve the issue. what step during the update process do i need to pay attention to use let's encrypt?
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