Software RAID1 On A Running LVM System - Ubuntu Server

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    Hi All,
    I used the tutorial and everything is OK until step "5 Moving Our Data To The RAID Arrays":

    Command 'pvdisplay' shows after the error:
    I'm using 2 * 250GB HDDs on a fresh ubuntu server 12.04 installation...
    I have put together a script which does the whole tutorial - and successfully did the process in VirtualBox environment ...and no such errors were seen during whole testing in VirtualBox ...
    Any ideas?
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    Finally I've solved it. But let me add that I have faced the same problem even when I wanted to move a 160GB pv to 250GB pv, where partition setup was identical because sda partition setup was copied to sdb.
    And when the same problem emerged with two 250GB hdds as well, I have opened this thread to ask for advice.
    It seems that I simply didn't have free space on the new pv to store old pv...
    So the idea was to decrease the size of original sda pv to 99% of max available space, so that sdb pv will have enough space for it, and it did the job, pvmove is now possible.
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