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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by harm, Oct 9, 2006.

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    in VHCS i can configure all config files and templates by hand before the actual installation or even when the system is up and running. For instance, i can use the debian .deb package for phpmyadmin instead of using the PMA that came with VHCS. This way it stays better up2date, since the debian packagemanagers keep an eye out for updates. The vhcs team has something else on there mind ;)

    How does ISPCONFIG handle this ? does it rely on regular packages from the distro's repository or does it ship with its own versions... And if so, is it easy to break with that and "symlink your way to using system packages" :)

    can i manually edit zonefiles from a customer login ?
    can i add customers with only mail/domain ? (NO webspace)
    is there 1 quota for both mail AND web ?
    what happens when quota is exceeded? (admin gets an email, site displays error regarding traffic ?)
    How does it handle backup mail and secondary (or even more) nameserver ?
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    You can edit the zone files on the command line.


    That depends whether you use mbox or Maildir format for your mailboxes. You have two separate quotas if you use mbox, but only one quota if you use Maildir (because Maildir is within the web site's root directory).
    You're mixing up storage space and traffic. If the storage space is full (quota), then sender's will get a notification if their mails couldn't be sent. Regarding the traffic you can specify monthly traffic limits for each web site, and you can also specify if the site should be suspended if it exceeds traffic, or if notifications hsould be sent only.
    Backup MX doesn't have to be handled by ISPConfig, it's merely a matter of how you set up your MX records. Regarding secondary nameservers, have a look here:
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    Im building ispconfig atm and i noticed it ships with its own apache/ssl/php to use for the control panel itself (i asume)... Why arent you using distro software here to ? its not that hard to get another apache running side by side :)

    btw, i meant editting zonefiles from within ispconfig.. ofcourse they can be handled from cli :)
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    Because we support many linux distributions and not all of them ship with a apache / PHP that suits our needs.

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