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    The Softaculous Script Installer could be used in ISPConfig with no problem. Also, the Developer is working on an Installer with support for ISPConfig, which should be ready till the end of next month.

    For the time being, the Remote installing system from Softaculous could be used free for all available scripts. The link is:

    Who'll use that system, need to do an signup for an free account. Log on with that account and your ready to go. Even a few steps are needed for to get things working, it' all easy and everybody shouldn't have any problems with that.

    Before you could install any script, you'll need to ad the Domain, for which the script should be installed, to the database with the required settings.
    After done that, next will be to chose the Apps. If that Apps need an new database you've to install that using ISPConfig CP first. If all settings are correct, the installation of the new Apps is done within minutes. If anything triggers a problem, that installer will stop and gives you an explanation.

    In case you have more than 20 User/Clients in your hosting system, you could install the Remote installer system fully on your own server. How To....., you need to contact Softaculous Support who're eager to help you with that. At he moment Softaculous has more that 300 Apps available for installation and working hard to get all updated to the latest version soon there'rte available. Also adding new Apps is done every month and if someone suggest a great Apps, they will add that too.

    I work since years with Sodtaculous Script's and Apps, and never had problems whit them. The only problems which came up were related to my own Hardware or Software I were using. I never could blame Softaculous for anything.

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