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    I'm an old user of Softaculous and also own Lifetime Licenses for them. The past few weeks at the beginning, I had problems to get an single apps from Softaculous to work on ISPConfig.
    Fact is that there isn't and special installer for ISPConfig yet and that ISPConfig is still not supported by Softaculous.
    That seems to be change now and the latest News I was getting form Softaculous is, that they're really working on an Installer for ISPConfig. Will still need a bit of time till that will be ready.

    In the meantime, after my problems with FTP (and others) was solved, 2 days ago, because of Hardware problems related to the old Modem/Router from Thomson I was using, which were changed 2 days ago to an Cisco EPC3925, I could start to install apps from Softaculous now. They also having an so called Remote Installation available. Using that I get all available Scripts/Apps which are more than 300 using my License and account.

    Don't know how many Free Scripts Softaculous has for user without License but it worth a try for those who would like to check that out. Just go to to find out what you could do!

    For the time being, and because of differences of ISPConfig compare to Plesk, cPanel etc., you may need to create the needed Databases for the apps you like to install, upfront which is something I could live with.

    You also need to get use of that Remote Installation System Softaculous is using.
    First you have to add the Domains to your account at Softaculous, you'll have to create one if you didn't have one, me think, because you've to point the installer to the right direction for the install and also have to provide the Database details in that pre-install page before installing. It's recommended that your create a new database upfront in ISPConfig and key in that credentials in the pre-install page.

    For me all that is working well and I've installed several apps already today and all working, not like those from the ISPConfig internal APS Installer, were a lot of failing!

    By the way, the service and support from Softaculous is just excellent and also includes direct Chat!

    As I was looking for get back to work with Softaculous as long as I'm on ISPConfig now, may there also other users of ISPC who like the same so I would like to share my experiences with that.

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