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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dgmufasa, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. dgmufasa

    dgmufasa New Member

    Hello all,

    Having a problem with the apache server on ISPConfig 3.

    Before everything was working but now ...


    When executing this same command as part of a PHP file on the SAME host as part of an PHP file

    I get errors...

    access log:
    error log:
    According to the error message, it could not connect to the host - but - then why does something like this:
    work on the same server when entered in the browser???

  2. dgmufasa

    dgmufasa New Member

    Also, here is a sample from nslookup on the problem host:

    Again, the code being executed (on the host zazu) is:
    It seems like there is something strange with the php. Can someone provide some tips on how to troubleshoot?
  3. dgmufasa

    dgmufasa New Member

    Hello again,

    Moved items to a Windows machine with XAMPP and all is working fine. But still need to know why it was not working under ISPConfig with CentOS6

  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Might be a firewall issue and not a PHP problem. If you run a firewall, then ensure that port 7100 is open.
  5. user39diii

    user39diii New Member

    Till, your response (above) is 2 years old but I am having this problem (today) too. Is your 'port 7100' advice still accurate?

    I am using ISPConfig3 ( and the SoapClient specifically addresses to port 8080 in your documentation. I have port 8080 open and I am accessing the ISPConfig interface at

    Any attempt to connect via SOAP is met with:
    My SOAP code:
    I think I may have screwed this up by changing the permissions of either the 'remote/index.php' file or the 'lib/classes/' file. The ISPConfig3 download shows them as 'homeuser:www-data' ownership but I believe jailkit changes that to 'ispconfig:ispconfig'. I installed everything perfectly using this tutorial:

    Can you confirm what the ownership of those two files should be and - if ispconfig:ispconfig is good - what could be the reason for not being able to login using the above code?

    And THANK YOU for providing such an excellent ISP configuration tool! I have added the billing module and am looking forward to using it!

    Till, the issue is with the 'Additional PHP Versions' of ISPConfig. I have a 'Default' PHP version using php-fpm to listen on the port. This is my default OS php installation (i.e.: /etc/php5). I have a multitude of other PHP versions listening on sockets within their respective directories (i.e.: /opt/php/5.5/, /opt/php/5.6, etc). ISPConfig registers these versions and I can point any website to use any version using the ISPConfig interface.

    Present status:
    ISPConfig has 'fastcgi_pass unix:/var/lib/php5-fpm/ispconfig.sock;' in the sites-enabled > 000-ispconfig.vhost. That socket is set in the /etc/php5/pool.d/ispconfig.conf file, the default php version.

    The trouble:
    If my site is not using the default php version, then any ISPConfig remoting I try to do fails.
    I have not tried, but I am pretty certain I could change the ispconfig.vhost to listen on the same PHP version socket as my vhost and all would be well. But - apart from that possible solution - is there a way to make it work as I have described?
    I thought I would ask you first since your mind is wrapped around this code.

    Please help/advise.
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