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    OK. I'm almost done with the installation. FYI I had a lot of trouble getting adobd493a.tgz downloaded. I had to go to a Windows box, download it and burn it to a cd to get it over to my Debian box.

    I'm on page 9 "Setting up the MySQL Database for Snort." Because I'm a novice at MySQL, "whichever way you create the database. . . " doesn't helpme. I got out the "Teach yourself mysql" book but the installation doesn't appear to be the same. SO. . . any help would be appreciated. I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow and would really like this done today!!!

    Liz M

    Happy New Year. I'm really grateful for all you assistance. This has to be the very best site I've found.
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    ISP Config

    OK. I got the MySQL questions answered. Now on page 55 it says to run the suexec2 -V. My output looks as it should. That's all I get. The next says to select /var/www as the home directory for websites. . . . There isn't anything to input to get to the point where you can make this selection. I've searched for ISPConfig to create the website and can only find the windows gui stuff and nothing for command line in my search.

    SO again. Help.
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    So you are referring to the ISPConfig installation now? You must select expert mode during installation, then the installer will ask your for the document root; otherwise it will assume a default value (which is /var/www if you are on Debian).

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