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    I have installed a debian squeeze and would like to do some reporting on my network. I tried to follow many tutorials and each of them they say that I have to install SNMP and then go to the conf file in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and comment this line:
    com2sec paranoid default public

    and then insert this line:
    com2sec readonly default public

    My problem is that I don t have any of these lines in my conf file and after researching for hours I still don t get why my conf file seems to be different from everybody else !! ;(

    Could somebody help me or give me a tutorial which could help me please ?

    here are some forums i tried:

    I don't understand, there are only 2 steps:
    - install SNMP: apt-get install snmpd
    - edit the conf file in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

    It seems pretty easy but I can't make it work !!

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