SNI with ISPconfig 3 and Ubuntu Server 10.10

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by swehes, May 6, 2011.

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    So I have installed the Perfect Server for Ubuntu 10.10 with mulitple server setup. I have been researching about TLS and SNI and been looking around in the forums here as well. I haven't found anything satisfactory however about how to get SNI to work properly. I use Comodo as my certified certificate verifier. But everytime I try to enter one of my domains, I get a warning message. Looking at the certificate it is good and it shows the correct domain name. I try this with Firefox 4, IE7 and Google Chrome webbrowsers. And I am running Windows XP so that explains IE7.

    What information is needed from me to help me understand my issue? log files, configuration files, etc.

    The three domains are,, and
    I don't have anything on the domains yet, but if you put https://domainname you will see what I mean. The ssl used is positivessl

    Thanks in advanced.

    UPDATE: I found what my issue was. I was told that I would get a bundle file from Comodo but it never showed up so it really confused me. Going back to Comodo website and help for installing the bundle file they had a link do download the file manually. Installed the bundle file and now my three websites are coming up with individual certificates. :)
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    How did you enable SNI on your config? I have the same config but I don't get how to get it work.

    Thanks! [email protected]
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