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  1. bobpit

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    I have a vps and a single IP.

    I had installed ssl certificate for domain1. Now I have another domain, domain2 and I bought sl certificate too.

    I read in the manual that I can have only one ssl cert per IP, unless I use SNI. SNI is not supported in older browsers.

    IF I use SNI, what will happen to old not supported browsers (like in a windows XP system)? Will the site work in normal mode ie Will the old one ( work flawesly? Will things become a mess?

    After things get working properly, I want to shift importance to the new site ( So if things wok perfectly for one domain only, this should be domain2. How do I do this?
  2. till

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    Old browsers that does not support sni will show the content of the first website on your server (by domain name in alphabetical) order regardless of the domain that you entered in the browser URL bar.
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  4. till

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    yes. asthe browser does not send the information that apache requires to identify the correct vhost over ssl.
  5. sjau

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    Android 2.0 shouldn't be a problem anymore I think. However WinXP still is a problem.

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