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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by lenthir, Nov 9, 2009.

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    This is my feature request...

    I want to add reject_sender_login_mismatch to smtpd_sender_restrictions. This is very useful thing... with this users can't fake source e-mail address (user can't send e-mail contained "mail from: <[email protected]>" which is not belonging to user).

    Everything is fine, when I do: [user email] = [user account] (I don't need any MySQL data ;) -> simple SELECT '%s' :p).

    The problem is, when I want add user aliases. When user has alias, sometimes he/she want to write using alias source, eg. account is: [email protected], alias is: [email protected]. User log to SMTP by account login, and in "mail from:" he/she write: [email protected].

    Someone who designed mail_forwarding do several bad things!
    1. common data with 'alias','aliasdomain','forward','catchall'
    ( ok I can do 'WHERE', but type is not indexed! )
    2. use text in destination! (aaaaaa!!!)
    3. and don't use index in destination

    This is not good, more... this is performance headshot :/
    I think You should repair this :)

    Destination e-mails should be in other records, and also should be indexed.
    Postfix understand when query gives 2 or more rows.
    Types should be indexed too.

    By the way... I switched Courier to Dovecot in ispconfig3 and it works fine :)
    If someone are interested in config files... msg to priv.

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