SMTP setup - Is this possible to do with ISPConfig?

Discussion in 'General' started by mikeyman, Feb 10, 2014.

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    First of all, thank you for a great software, it looks awesome!

    With this said, I have a question regarding the software and the SMTP service setup.

    I would like to be able to to setup multiple domains (and multiple ips) using the control panel, and use the SMTP service for sending mail.

    For example: Let's say that my first domain is with the IP and that I’m sending out emails to my clients using this setup. They receive the emails just as I want, in other words from the ”” domain (and the IP).

    I would then like to setup an additional IP (for example and domain (, and here it’s important that I'm able to send emails to another set of clients via the second domain ”” (and the second IP

    Another scenario is that it would be great if I could setup a 2 IPs under the same domain.

    I have tried other control panels, and there have been a problem with them as the IP and domain name always resolves to the first IP and domain.

    I would highly appreciate if someone could let me know if the above is possible.

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    Thats not possible on a "one server setup" as postfix will send out emails always over the main ip of the server (and with its hostname) and not with any additional IP addresses. The secnario that you describe would requre a virtual server setup:

    - Install a virtualisation system on your server, e.g. openvz and then add a virtual machine for each IP address / domain.
    - Install ispconfig on the host server as master and in all virtual machines as slave.
    - Add each web and email domain to a dedicated vm in ispconfig, you will be able to configure all domains from within the ispconfig panel on the host in such a multiserver / multi vm setup.

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