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    I have a number of domains running on my ISPConfig Server, I have never actually set up Email.

    I have domains run by an outside company, they point with glue records to my IP address/name servers set up with DNS on my ISPConfig.

    1. Where would I need to point the MX Records (IP or nameserver) and what would I specify as the Mx within the ISPConfig DNS Section?
    2. If mail is on a subdomain, would MX Records need to be set up for each of the subdomains too - what would the format look like?
    3 .In terms of setting up secure mail, how would I go about this please?
    4. In terms of sending Email from my PHPBB board, what would I need to specify within the SMTP settings (The PHPBB Board runs on the same server if this is relevant.
    5. For multiple domains, should they use the same Mx records or unique MX records - not all of my domains are with the same provider.
    6. Is there anything else I need to do to get mail running if so, what?

    Thanks and Kind Regards.

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