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    I know there are a ton of threads like this one i am about to make but i cant find the answer in any of them.
    i have also tried google without result though i thought i had the answer when i found this

    well my problem is that my ISP blocked port 25
    i have to use my ISP's SMTP port 465, ssl
    with valid username and password

    i just cant find where i have to write these informations
    i tried in the GUI
    i tried in postfix file
    and i tried following the link above

    i have done it in the past but that is like 5 years ago so i dont remember how to
    also the GUI dont look the same like on my old server

    please anyone give me a hint

  2. BlueScreenTT

    BlueScreenTT New Member

    Never mind
    the error was the ISP said 465 but i had to use 587
    so it looks like this in Serverconfig / mail

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