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  1. fr0m_heaven

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    Hello every one

    . Im new member of this forum . Im really in need of help .
    Can any body tell me ?? if i can use the CA certificate cacert.pem ... and sendmail.pem certificate for more than one users ?? To falko timme i guess i don't spell it right .Sorry for that ... but i have read ur document on ur site

    its a nice doc .. thanks but if u can explain me a bit more .... it'll be of great help ......
    what i tried is ........
    i created cacert.pem and sendmail.pem in " /usr/share/ssl/certs "
    i have say 2 users on my mail server .. [email protected] [email protected] ..
    for one given user its all perfect ... i get asked for certificate and after recieving im able to send email and on the other end recieve it successfully , but the recieving user is either not asked for smtp auth for the same or doesnt accept smtp auth ... when this user sends any mail using same certificate

    ??? can i use the same certificate for both .. if yes then how if not then please help me make it possible or give some other solution .....


    thanks & regards
    Ashutosh Singh
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  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    The cert is for sending emails, not for receiving, so if your second user receives emails, the cert isn't used.
    Also, if you use one email client for both accounts, you have to accept the cert only once.
  3. fr0m_heaven

    fr0m_heaven New Member

    thanks for information falko ..
    here is my scenario ive made cacert.pem with infornation
    Location : blahblah
    Organisation : blahblah
    email : [email protected]
    sendmail.pem also with same settings ..
    now i have to use these certificate ..
    my question is .. will this certificate be valid for [email protected] ...
    and not [email protected] ..
    i have 2 different mail clients "outlook for user1" and "thunderbird for user2"
    so both are on different mail clients .. outlook accepts certificate and successfully sends mail to user2 ........ but my other client after accepting certificate fails authentication .....
    my confusion is does the email notified in cacert.pem & sendmail.pem ....
    has anything to with it ... what should i do .. please help as i have already messed up my setup 4 times being crazy ......... HELP ..

    Ashutosh :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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  4. fr0m_heaven

    fr0m_heaven New Member

    hey its working now ..

    hi falko
    this works now .. there was a problem in my cyrus-sasl service on redhat ...
    its perfect .. thnx again
    :) :) :)

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