Smarthost is rejecting all the Mails if the Primary MX is down!

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    I have setup a Mailgateway (Spam and Virusfilter) based on the 2 Howto's "Virtual Users and Domains with Postfix, Courier and MySQL" and "How to Fight Spam Using Your Postfix Configuration"... This configuration works really fine for me accept to one thing. The Mailgateway relays mails to my internal Mailserver but when the internal Mailserver is down the sender gets a ‘Mail can not be Delivered’ Error message. So my question is it possible to configure the Mailgateway to keep the mails in Queue and deliver them later when the internal Mailserver is up again instead of sending back the error Messages.
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  2. id10t

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    Do you have secondary MX record?
  3. mccyberix

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    thx for reply!

    no at this time not, I just want the relaying mailgateway to keep the mails for the internal mailserver in case that the endpointserver is down, this behaivior should be simillar to the function of an backup mx but has nothing to do with the dns rec's...
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    Well, backup MXs (and all MX records) are part of DNS records... so you will need a backup MX record added to your DNS info.
  5. mccyberix

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    ok, but this should not be a backup mailserver therefore I don't think I will solve this with a DNS entry. The topology is like this:


    The 2 Mailgateways are configured as Antispam/Virus scanners and they have a MySQL DB as Lookup Table where the 'transport' Entry for each domain points to the Internal Mailserver (SMTP:[]), this entry is my problem because if the Internal Server goes down the mails will not be queued on one of the Mailgateways instead they just try to send the Mails to the Internal Server and when they not succeed they send an error message to the Sender. I need an option to configure the Mailgateway to keep the Mails in Queue until the Internal Mailserver is up again. This should be a kind of switch between Mailqueue and the SMTP Transport...

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