Small bug maybe in DNS?

Discussion in 'General' started by BorderAmigos, Aug 25, 2008.

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    There are 12 sites set up in my ISPConfig server. I wanted to change the www host for these from A records to CNAME records in the DNS. Using ISPConfig I deleted the www A records for all 12. Then I emptied the recycle bin. ISPConfig let me add the CNAME record for the first site but for all the others told me there was an existing A record for that name. Nothing in the recycle bin, even rebooting the machine didn't help.

    I went in with phpMyAdmin and indeed saw A records for the www hosts with the outside world IP addresses, also some A records for an old IP address I don't have anymore. I deleted them all manually. Then going back into ISPConfig I was allowed to put the CNAME records in without problem.
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    The DNS manager has more then one recycle bin (one for each reseller and one for the admin) and the ISP-Manager part has independant recycle bin's too, you most leikely deleted the wrong one.

    This was not a good idae as this destroyed the table relations if you did not delete all dependinf records in dns_dep and dns_node table too.
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    I did go thru beforehand and check for independent recycle bins while looking at the records tab, site tab, the overall DNS manger, the ISP manger, all were empty and still it said there was A records. If there are other bins they are well hidden.

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