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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Dennis_sp, Apr 17, 2019.

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    I have a Grav site running on an ISPConfig:
    I'm using a plugin called Snappygrav that allows you to download the contents of the manual to PDF format. It isn't working well and posted about this to the developer on Github:
    They are saying the site responds very slowly :


    As you can see from the attachments, it works ... very slowly.
    Really strange, also because the TCPDF library is the fastest of the three choices available.
    On other sites and locally I don't have this slowness. I don't know, it could be a host problem ... is it paid?

    Any idea if this could a configuration issue in ISPConfig?
  2. till

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    ISPConfig has no real influence on the speed of your site, so I doubt that your problem is related to ISPConfig. Basically, your web server consists of the web server (Apache/Nginx) and PHP and the underlying Linux OS, ISPConfig is not involved there, it just writes the config files.

    Is this a VServer or a Root server? If it's a vserver then other VM's on the same system may cause a bad performance.
    Did you check if the server is highly loaded (e.g. with top command)?
    Did you check the hard disk performance? Grav as a flat-file cms probably depends heavily on a fasthard disk.
    If it's a root server, did you check your hard disks with smartmontools?
    Did you use a well performing PHP mode like php-fpm or php-fcgi?
    Did you check website error.log file for errors?
  3. Dennis_sp

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    This is a virtual server running on our own dedicated Proxmox cluster that runs on SSD's. The host this VM is running on is heavily underutilised and not overbooked because most of the VM's are PBX systems. Not sure what you mean by VServer vs Root server.
    I checked the error.log but it's empty?
    Output of top:

    I was already using PHP Fast CGI, i also tried fpm but no difference.

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