Slow download speed in Apache Webserver (ISPConfig 3.0.4)

Discussion in 'General' started by Nando_lavras, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Nando_lavras

    Nando_lavras New Member

    Hi, i follow the instructions from the guide Perfect Server with Debian 6, i've installed ISPConfig 3.0.4, and all is working absoluted perfect, but i have a strange slow network speed in downloads from the webserver, i only achieve 7-7.5mb (750-850kb download), not more than this, if i download the same file via FTP i achieve the full speed of my NIC, but apache is limited, i googled but i not found a solution, how can I fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Its the default installation of ISPConfig 3.0.4, no additional modules or configurations, exactly the installation from the tutorials.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig sets no speed limits, the apache configuration is the default one of the linux distribution that you use. ISPConfig just writes a normal vhost file, you find it in the sites-available folder.

    Maybe you installed some additional software like mod_throttle or mod_bandwidth?
  3. Nando_lavras

    Nando_lavras New Member

    Thanks for the fast response... no.... I am absolutely certain that i not installed any aditional module, this is my list of enabled modules in apache, only the modules of the tutorial, plus the defaults modules of Debian 6..

    actions.conf -> ../mods-available/actions.conf
    actions.load -> ../mods-available/actions.load
    alias.conf -> ../mods-available/alias.conf
    alias.load -> ../mods-available/alias.load
    auth_basic.load -> ../mods-available/auth_basic.load
    auth_digest.load -> ../mods-available/auth_digest.load
    authn_file.load -> ../mods-available/authn_file.load
    authz_default.load -> ../mods-available/authz_default.load
    authz_groupfile.load -> ../mods-available/authz_groupfile.load
    authz_host.load -> ../mods-available/authz_host.load
    authz_user.load -> ../mods-available/authz_user.load
    autoindex.conf -> ../mods-available/autoindex.conf
    autoindex.load -> ../mods-available/autoindex.load
    cgi.load -> ../mods-available/cgi.load
    dav_fs.conf -> ../mods-available/dav_fs.conf
    dav_fs.load -> ../mods-available/dav_fs.load
    dav.load -> ../mods-available/dav.load
    deflate.conf -> ../mods-available/deflate.conf
    deflate.load -> ../mods-available/deflate.load
    dir.conf -> ../mods-available/dir.conf
    dir.load -> ../mods-available/dir.load
    env.load -> ../mods-available/env.load
    fcgid.conf -> ../mods-available/fcgid.conf
    fcgid.load -> ../mods-available/fcgid.load
    include.load -> ../mods-available/include.load
    mime.conf -> ../mods-available/mime.conf
    mime.load -> ../mods-available/mime.load
    negotiation.conf -> ../mods-available/negotiation.conf
    negotiation.load -> ../mods-available/negotiation.load
    php5.conf -> ../mods-available/php5.conf
    php5.load -> ../mods-available/php5.load
    reqtimeout.conf -> ../mods-available/reqtimeout.conf
    reqtimeout.load -> ../mods-available/reqtimeout.load
    rewrite.load -> ../mods-available/rewrite.load
    ruby.load -> ../mods-available/ruby.load
    setenvif.conf -> ../mods-available/setenvif.conf
    setenvif.load -> ../mods-available/setenvif.load
    ssl.conf -> ../mods-available/ssl.conf
    ssl.load -> ../mods-available/ssl.load
    status.conf -> ../mods-available/status.conf
    status.load -> ../mods-available/status.load
    suexec.load -> ../mods-available/suexec.load
    suphp.conf -> ../mods-available/suphp.conf
    suphp.load -> ../mods-available/suphp.load

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