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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by gurpz, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. gurpz

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    I am having problems configuring a Slave Suse Linux 10.1 DNS Server. I have a primary server working fine, running windows 2003. It has been configured to allow updates to the slave server, when I run named I get loads of tmp files in directory /var/lib/named/slave. In the error logs I can see permission denied errors. I used the following tutorial to set up my slave server:

    As far as I know I need to configure named.conf & the transfer of my zones should happen automatically. Any help as why this does not happen would be appreciated.

  2. falko

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    What's in your named.conf, and what are the exact error messages?
  3. gurpz

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    Slave DNS Server Problem

    Thanks for replying, I found a solution for this problem. Apparently with suse 10.1 you have to edit named file in /etc/sysconfig, you change the value for Named_Run_Chroot="yes".

    check out the following link for full details:

  4. Jack Aubert

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    I had (I think) the same problem. There have been several answers posted in various places, including file permissions, file ownership, and selinux. In my case the problem was simply that the named.conf file had a statement that set the root directory as /var/named. I had specified the location for the slave file as "var/named/slaves/" when I changed the location to "slaves/domain/org.dns" I was able to write the file to the slaves directory. It might have worked if I had not left off the beginning / but since bind had a root directory specified that was not necessary.

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