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    Good Morning,
    I have a multiserver setup (3.1.13p1) and it works fine. I remove the slave DNS Server from the Database, because I must switch it to new hardware. I install ipconfig 3.1.13p1 on the new DNS server and add him to the master server. Under system->server ip addresses I can see the ip of the new slave DNS, but the name “” are not listed on the left site. When I click on the ip address to edit the entry, the correct server are selected under “server”. I edit system->server services> and make him as a mirror of the master DNS server. But after one day no zone are transferred to the new slave server. Any idea what’s going wrong?
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    Existing zones do not get transferred automatically to a new server, you will have to use the Resync function in the Tools module to force a resync of the DNS zones.
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    thanks for your swift response, now it works.

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