Slave cannot communicate with master

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    Situation, Slave behind Fritzbox
    Master behind firewall (IP Tables)
    nat rule official IP to internal (private) IP of master for mysql port 3306
    policy rule official IP to internal IP of master for mysql port allowed
    changed to working config, new static IP Adress of slave, did correct IP Adress in firewall and in ispconfig everywhere
    telnet for port3306 from slave to master says HHost 'slave adress' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB serverConnection closed by foreign host.
    As I know communication between slave and master is initiated by slave and bidirectional.
    Need hint, thanks
  2. till

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    The slave connects to the master only, so it's not bi-directional. You must configure your firewall to allow mysql connections from slave to master, you can test that by using the mysql command on the slave.


    mysql -h master.yourdomain.tld -u ispcsrv1 -p

    the master hostname, username and password can be found in the file from ispconfig on the slave, the details are the ones in the dbmaster part.

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