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    always thank you for your precious work.

    I have a little problem, or better "annoying" problem.

    For unknown reason my server has not configured with a "server certificate" (speaking of Debian Lenny).

    Looking in another server (CentOS) I discovered a SSL certificate stored in this folder: /etc/httpd/ssl. It seems that the certs store in ssl folder are used for all my web sites if activated SSL option. This sound good.

    But the first server (Debian) have a different behavior. Probabilly the server cant find the SSL certs so that I discovered that apache uses the first site from the folder:


    i.e. all sites with the name starting with 000- doesn' respect this, so that the first site used for the SSL Certificate (for the other sites) is the first found in alphabetical order. I.e.:

    this mean that if I create a new site, I will have:

    (note: without 100- prefix!)

    but when I modify the site '' I will have:

    as you can see newsite is at beginning so that the (new) SSL cert is not taken from but from

    I can't understant what is the modification todo to:
    * write the server certificate and where and which lines put into (I suppose) into apache config files...
    * if (and ....why?) ISPConfig needs to rename the files above.

    thank you very much for your help
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    If this folder contains ssl certs, then these are not created nor used by ispconfig. The ssl certs of a website in ispconfig are stored in the ssl folder of that site.

    So that might be the reason for your problem. If ssl is not configured for a website in ispconfig, then the ssl cert is not configured in the vhost file and apache will deliver the content of the first vhost that it finds on the same IP address.

    Sites are still in alphabetical order as before, they just have a prefix now as wildcard subdomains wont work correctly otherwise. See release notes:

    ISPConfig website vhost files dont start with 000- prefix. The 000-prefix is reserved for the ispconfig controlpanel vhost on port 8080, the apps vhost and the default files of the Linux distribution.
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