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Discussion in 'General' started by minos, May 10, 2007.

  1. minos

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    I've searched during a little time in the documentation, but nothing found about that.

    Now I've ispconfig installed on my server, I've created a new customer and his new website.
    (My domain name is a free DynDNS, server is on LAN with 1 LAN IP adress)
    I can access the new website on
    and I have not rightly understood if is possible.

    If it's possible with this free DynDNS, how can I make it ?

    Thanks for your answers :)
  2. Ben

    Ben ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    With dyndns I know you can name your dyndns-Name as wildcard,
    what means results in the same as
    next thing you would do is either to change the userhome webconfig in apache or you just use mod_rewrite to rewrite e.g. to
  3. minos

    minos New Member

    Ok thx,

    I'm not very well in english... :D
    So if I've understood rightly, I can't use but only :'( with DynDNS free service.

    humm, it's already, anything more to do in my apache config ? And what does "e.g." mean ?
  4. Ben

    Ben ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    what I meant was, you CAN use it the way you want to.
    You just have to make sure that you have a DNS for that.
    (wildcard enabled).
    E.g. means for example (from latin exempli gratia)

    So if it is then enable wildcard for that.
    That means
    resolves to the same IP address does

    Then you just have to make sure that apache rewrites to
    Just look for any tutorials with mod_rewrite
  5. minos

    minos New Member

    Ok thanks you for this nice explanation :)

    I'll look for that in my config of Apache, and my DNS ;)

    Thx :)
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